4 Signs You Need to See Your Dentist ASAP

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Very few people like to go to the dentist. It’s not that appealing to have sharp and shiny objects in your mouth. It can feel vulnerable to open up your mouth to be scrubbed by a stranger. The smells are strong and the grainy toothpaste is even stronger. It takes time out of your busy schedule, and the anticipation of the waiting room can be excruciating. And on top of it all – the cost. Going to the dentist can mean unexpected costs and continued dental work. No one wants that!

Unfortunately avoiding the dentist can actually make things more expensive… and much more painful. So when is it time to go?

4 Signs You Need to See Your Dentist ASAP

  1. You can’t remember the last time you went. Long gaps in dental care are often part of the recipe for serious dental work. Regular checkups can prevent tiny issues from becoming big and painful expenses. Make a routine cleaning appointment if you haven’t been in a while.
  2. Hot & Cold Sensitivity. You know it’s probably indicating a cavity, but you just don’t want to deal with it. But unresolved, the cavity could lead to a root canal, abscess, or other more serious issues. It can be indulgent to put it off, but it’s only going to keep hurting and get worse, so just go get it fixed.
  3. If you have swelling in your gums or cheeks you need to see your dentist right away. This can indicate problems like gingivitis, abscesses, various infections, or serious injury. Get it taken care of before the swelling gets worse or effects your jaw. Just because ice and pain medication are helping doesn’t mean they are solving the ultimate problem – you’ll need medical/dental help.
  4. Grinding or Clicking. If you feel grinding in your jaw or between teeth when you bite down, or if there are any clicking sensations (heard or felt), it could indicate jaw problems, alignment problems, or even broken teeth. Go see a dentist right away, as the issue could be severe.

We know it can be uncomfortable and even expensive to visit the dentist, but we promise that regular visits and quick interventions when you notice these signs can help you keep costs to a minimum and maximize the health and function of your mouth. Don’t wait, don’t ignore it, and don’t live in denial. It’s time to see the dentist, so it’s time to give us a call.