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You probably have a dental hygiene routine in place, and it’s probably been the same for a long time. Most adults get comfortable in their hygiene routine and don’t deviate from it.


While it’s important to be consistent in your oral hygiene, it’s also important to carefully assess your oral health and be striving for improvement to keep your teeth as strong and healthy as they can be. Today we’re sharing 5 easy ways you can begin today to improve your dental routine.


  1. Upgrade Your Brush. So many adults are using brushes that are past their prime. Consider upgrading to an electronic toothbrush that provides a more complete clean, or simply replace your worn down brush with a new one that can do the job more efficiently. Then set a reminder to replace brushes within 4-6 months so they can remain effective.
  2. Floss First. Did you know you’re actually supposed to floss before brushing? Most adults are flossing after. Flossing first helps free up food and debris so it can be brushed away and so brushes can access more of your tooth’s surface. Try using a pick version if you struggling with string floss.
  3. Add Mouthwash. Adding mouthwash to your routine can rapidly improve your oral health by killing bacteria and sweeping out food. You’ll have fresher breath and fight cavities at the same time! You can even use a whitening version to brighten teeth.
  4. Brush More. If you’re brushing twice a day, consider adding a brush session after lunch. Think about it – your lunch food is sitting on your teeth until bedtime! Instead, keep a brush and paste at work or in your purse so you can discreetly brush after lunch no matter where you are.
  5. Drink Milk. Are you reaching your recommended calcium intake each day? Many adults are not, and it’s impacting their teeth. Add a glass of milk to your breakfast or bedtime routine, or grab some chewable calcium supplements to boost your oral health. Calcium helps fight cavities and build strong teeth, so be sure you’re getting plenty especially as you age.

There should be something on this list for everyone, and each item can significantly improve your oral health to give you cleaner, healthier teeth in the long run. Our friendly dentists at Fort Union Family Dental can help you achieve your optimal oral health, so come see us today.