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Keeping your young children healthy isn’t always the easiest job for a parent. From making sure they’re up-to-date on vaccinations to ensuring that they don’t bring home any crazy animals that might carry diseases, you have a full-time job just watching out for their health.

That’s why our team at [practice_name] in [city], [state], is happy to offer dental sealants as a way to help you worry less about the oral health of your children.

What are sealants?

Sealants are simply a plastic-like substance that’s inserted into the deep grooves and fissures in your children’s molars. Filling these fissures and grooves with a substance that doesn’t allow food, debris, or plaque to build up in them almost certainly wipes out the possibility of getting a cavity in a molar.

Do they really work?

Most pediatric dentists highly recommend sealants for your children. This is because they’ve been proven through time to be an effective method of cavity prevention as your children lose their baby teeth and grow adult ones. Getting sealants as soon as Dr. [doctor_name] recommends them can save you a lot of money – and time – down the road in the form of not needing to pay for cavity fillings.

Dental sealants are an effective method of cavity prevention, and we encourage you to call our staff at [phone] to discuss them in-depth.