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Are you missing a single tooth or almost all of your teeth? If you’re missing any teeth, dentures can restore your bright, full smile. Read below to learn all about complete and partial dentures so you can understand which might be the right variety for you.


Complete dentures replace all teeth and come in two varieties: conventional and immediate. Conventional complete dentures are installed about two to three months after all teeth have been removed so that gums heal and settle; patients will not have any false teeth in that time, so food must be soft or blended. Immediate complete dentures are installed right away after tooth pulling, but they will need regular professional alterations since bones and gums shift during setting.


If you’re only missing some of your teeth, partial dentures might be right for you since they replace less than a full set of teeth. Bridges of partial dentures hold false teeth in the locations of the wearer’s lost teeth and are placed in the mouth with fasteners that hold to the remaining natural teeth. Dr. [doctor_name] might recommend tooth pulling and complete dentures when remaining original teeth are damaged.

So do you need dentures? If so, phone our practice, [practice_name], in [city], [state], at [phone] to plan an appointment. We’re eager to restore your smile as soon as possible!