Waterpik 101

Waterpiks have grown in popularity as they have grown more affordable and accessible in recent years. A waterpik is a small spray nozzle which shoots pressurized water between your teeth and around your mouth. Yes, you’ve seen and felt them used at the dentist, where the hygienist cleaned your mouth or rinsed out the grainy… Read more »

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you think of dental work, you may picture root canals and fillings. While that is an important part of traditional dental work, cosmetic dentistry is a little more flashy and even more life-changing. At Fort Union Family Dental we are big believers in your smile, and we offer cosmetic dentistry that can increase both… Read more »

Do My Kids Need Fillings?

Dental health in children can be a point of stress for some parents. Your kids are so small, and dental work can be so expensive. How essential is dental work for children? Do they really need to get serious dental work done? Can baby teeth get cavities? Will my kids need fillings? Dental decay is… Read more »

Major Pros To Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash is actually a pretty recent development in the oral heath world. With the invention and commercialization of mouthwash in the 90s we began seeing a variety of opinions about how helpful it would be. Some people complained that it hurt too much or was too strong. Even today dentists sometimes worry that people are… Read more »

Why Being a “People Person” is So Important

We often hear this phrase being used negatively: “He’s not a people person.” Or to list qualifications for a job: “Looking for a people person.” But we don’t talk enough about what it means to be a people person, and why it seems to matter so much. For a dental office, being a people person… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Invest in Your Smile

Dental work gets a bad rap. People assume dental work is expensive, painful, and to fix problems that exist in your mouth. It’s usually not an option – it’s the result of an emergency or a deteriorating condition for your teeth. For these reasons, and others, dental work has taken on a negative connotation for… Read more »

How to Prevent Childhood Cavities

Your kids’ cavities are completely preventable, but that doesn’t mean that all cavities are prevented. Unfortunately, cavities are incredibly common in children and many go untreated. Not only does it mean sensitive teeth and pain – it can also cause premature tooth decay that can affect your kids for years to come. Childhood dental health… Read more »

Oral Hygiene New Year’s Resolutions

Flossing is one of the more popular and common resolutions for the New Year. It’s because we all know we need to do it, yet we all find ourselves too tired or forgetful to keep up the habit. As dentists, of course we hope everyone will adopt the resolution of flossing, but don’t stop there!… Read more »

Flossing 101

We all know we need to do it, yet few of us are hitting the 100% mark on the goal of flossing. Flossing can seem like an extra step that you only need to do when you have lots of food stuck in your teeth. But studies have shown that people who brush their teeth… Read more »

When Should You Start Brushing Your Children’s Teeth?

Good oral hygiene comes down to habits. If you have great oral hygiene it’s likely that you have had diligent oral care habits for most of your life. Kids traditionally do not have the best oral hygiene, but parents can encourage it. And the benefits of kids developing good oral hygiene habits can be exponential…. Read more »