How to Prevent Childhood Cavities

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Your kids’ cavities are completely preventable, but that doesn’t mean that all cavities are prevented. Unfortunately, cavities are incredibly common in children and many go untreated. Not only does it mean sensitive teeth and pain – it can also cause premature tooth decay that can affect your kids for years to come.

Childhood dental health can be difficult, especially if they fight it or, like most kids, love sugar. But teaching good dental habits and preventing cavities is well worth the effort for your pocketbook, and your kids’ teeth. Here’s how you can start preventing cavities right now.

How To Prevent Childhood Cavities

  1. Begin With Bottles. Never put juice or sugary drinks in a baby bottle, and wean your baby from bottles as close to one year as possible. Avoid putting your baby down with a bottle as well.
  2. Brushing Routine. Start as soon as your child has teeth, even if it’s with a soft infant brush. It creates good habits and helps your child become comfortable with oral hygiene. Even if you’ve struggled to create brushing routines in the past, you can start today. Letting your child pick out their own brush can make them more excited to brush each morning and night.
  3. Floss Too! Many parents think flossing isn’t necessary until kids are older, can do it themselves, or until their permanent teeth come in. Every kid with teeth that touch should be flossing. Use floss picks to help your child begin flossing as a toddler.
  4. Limit Sugary Drinks. Juice, soda, chocolate milk, and many other popular kid drinks are incredibly harmful to young teeth. Choose your child’s drinks carefully. You can water down juice and choose sugar-free versions of other beverages. Be sure to flush with water after drinking sugary drinks. The same goes for suckers and excessive candy!
  5. Dairy Up! Be sure your child is getting plenty of healthy dairy in their diet. This helps promote strong teeth and neutralizes the acids that can cause tooth decay. Milk, yogurt, and cheese are all great ways to get more dairy into your child’s everyday diet.
  6. Choose a Dentist Early. Choose a dentist who can begin early with your child to establish good habits and identify any tooth decay issues earlier. Make regular appointments and trust your dentist with your child’s oral hygiene to ensure lifelong dental health.

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