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Are you under the effects of periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, which is the infection of your gum tissue within your mouth? Keep your smile safe from periodontal disease by looking for signs and symptoms of its presence. Listed below are important facts regarding spotting periodontal disease:

– Have you been lacking in visits to your dentist lately for oral checkups?

– Are you using any dangerous substances, such as drugs or tobacco?

– Are you often suffering from bad breath, also called halitosis, which continues to return even after brushing and flossing?

– Are your gums pulling away from your teeth, making your teeth look lengthier than normal?

– Are your teeth feeling extra wobbly or out of position?

– Do your gums bleed excessively during mealtime or while brushing or flossing?

– Are you using any medications that have dry mouth as a known symptom?

– Do your gums look atypical, including signs of inflammation, excessive swelling, or tenderness when touched or used?

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