The Benefits of Water Picking

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Water picking is similar to traditional flossing but instead of using thread, it uses water pressure to remove plaque and unwanted debris in between your teeth. Using a specialized machine, water picking directs a pressured stream of water into the mouth and gums. This method uses the pressure of the water to push food from between teeth, massage gums, and remove plaque. It has been proven to be a very effective way to gain and maintain good oral hygiene. And though a Waterpik machine is an investment and not nearly as mobile as traditional floss, it is easy to use and more effective.


How to Use It

A Waterpik is generally easy to use. Though not as portable or accessible (or as cheap) as floss, the Waterpik is a simple device. After plugging in the device and adjusting the pressure to your liking, lean over the sink and place the tip of the Waterpik in your mouth with lips closed. Turn on the device. Start with back teeth. Aim the tip just above the gumline and work toward the front of the mouth. When needed, spit water into the sink. When you’re finished, you simply turn off the device and eject tip. This technique is especially useful for anyone with braces, implants, bridges, or crowns. Water picking can reach hard to reach places easier, and with braces and other dental ware, some places can be very hard to reach.


More Hygienic

Washing away plaque or potentially infected parts of your mouth with water is more hygienic than dental floss. Even flossing with brand new floss could lead to cross-contaminating bacteria. As you feed floss through fingers to in between your teeth, it can become contaminated and spread potential bacteria from one area to another. Water picking uses fresh water to clean out hard to reach areas. Once you’ve reached an area, just spit out the water and clean the next.


Can Reverse Gingivitis

If your gums are inflamed or bleeding when irritated, you likely have some level of a gum disease. Periodontal and gingivitis are common gum diseases caused by bacteria in plaque. The best way to reverse a gum disease is to remove the plaque that is causing it. With good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing daily, gingivitis can be cleared away. However, when it is not cleaned away, gingivitis will turn into periodontitis which is not reservable. Because of the Waterpik’s ability to removing plaque and thoroughly cleaning teeth, it is a very effective way to clear away plaque—making it very useful for both preventing and reserving gum disease.


Removes Plaque

Combat the consist plaque that is always being built up on your teeth with some water picking. Clinical trials have proven that the Waterpik is superior to flossing in removing plaque. Because water picking combines water pressure with power pulsation, it can more effectively remove plaque and bacteria buildup. The mobility of the water can access places that traditional brushing and flossing cannot. When you aren’t able to reach each part of your mouth, plaque and bacteria build-up can lead to tooth decay and unhealthy gums.

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