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If you are looking to improve your oral health as you age, it’s important not to forget the basics. Even simple tasks that benefited your teeth when you were a young child can continue to do the same for the rest of your life. Although teeth can weaken over time, with proper safety precautions and an adequate amount of dental maintenance, your teeth can last a lifetime.

Listed below are some tips to protect your teeth and gums as you age:

– Brush your teeth twice every day.

– Floss between your teeth every day.

– Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. If brushing manually becomes too difficult, switch to an electric toothbrush.

– If you have any dentures, be sure to remove them every night for cleaning.

– Quit any bad habits in your life that can easily damage your teeth and gums. This includes using drugs, smoking tobacco, and chewing tobacco.

– Schedule and attend a professional cleaning at our dentist every six months. If you notice any changes in your oral health, come visit us for an oral examination.

– Wear safety equipment during any manual labor or high-risk activities that threaten the safety of your teeth and gums.

– Avoid foods that can easily crack your teeth, including biting into corn on the cob and candy apples.

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