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There are times when even the most consistent oral hygiene routine is not sufficient enough to prevent tooth decay from forming on a tooth. Timely treatment and repair can prevent pain and potential future complications. So long as the area of decay is small and limited to the tooth enamel layer, your dentist, Dr. [doctor_name], will likely be able to repair it with a standard dental filling.

First, [heshe] will numb the tooth and surrounding gums for your comfort. Then, [heshe] will use a drill to remove the decayed enamel. This will provide a clean, healthy enamel surface for the final filling to adhere to.

The specific material Dr. [doctor_name] recommends for your filling will depend on the tooth’s primary function and appearance in your smile.

Amalgam and composite fillings can be repaired in a single session. Once the cement has cured, the filling should effectively repair the tooth for a long time to come. This is one reason these fillings are extremely popular to use, and sometimes can be very hard to notice.

If you suspect that a cavity has formed on one of your teeth, you shouldn’t hesitate to have it examined and treated. Please call [practice_name] at [phone] to seek timely diagnosis, treatment and repair with a dental filling in [city], [state].