What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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When you think of dental work, you may picture root canals and fillings. While that is an important part of traditional dental work, cosmetic dentistry is a little more flashy and even more life-changing. At Fort Union Family Dental we are big believers in your smile, and we offer cosmetic dentistry that can increase both confidence and function. Today we’ll tell you a little bit more about cosmetic dentistry and what it can mean for you and your future.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is all about improving the look of your smile. It is, well, cosmetic. Your smile can completely change the way you look, not to mention how frequently you smile or the confidence in your social or work life. Many people live with a smile that doesn’t instill confidence or truly reflect who they are inside. You want your smile to share happiness, friendship, and love with those you’re around. Does it?

Cosmetic dentistry helps modify the appearance of your smile. It could mean reshaping abnormal or chipped teeth. It could mean replacing a missing tooth! It could mean whitening a stained or dull smile. It could mean orthodontics to correct the arrangement of teeth in your mouth. It might mean a completely new smile! Cosmetic dentistry could mean any combination of procedures or actions to improve your smile.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry?

For nearly all cosmetic dentistry procedures, it’s not just the look of your teeth that improves – it’s also function. Removing chips or reshaping teeth can decrease plaque buildup and lead to more effective chewing. Strengthening enamel can decrease the risk of cavity or decay. Often patients find it easier to take care of their teeth when they have the smile they’ve always wanted.

A beautiful smile can absolutely change the way you interact with the world. Being unhappy with your smile is a burden you carry each and every day. What can you do? Cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you want, the smile that changes your life. The changes don’t have to be dramatic or expensive, either. At Fort Union Family Dental we are committed to providing trustworthy and affordable dental work that will help you feel confident in your smile and proud of your look.

Whether you need chip or missing tooth repair, veneers, or classic whitening, there are so many options for improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry – and it will improve the function of your teeth and protect your oral health for the future, too. Give us a call today!