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Trips to the dentist can be nerve-wracking for many people, and the stress only goes up when you’re trying a new dental office. You’re adding the anxiety of sharp things in your mouth with the fear of the unknown.

Today we’re helping share a few ideas of what your first visit to our friendly dental office will be like. Many of these expectations will transfer to other dental offices, but some are unique to our dedicated friendly office culture.

What to Expect from Your First Fort Union Family Dental Visit

  • Paperwork: It’s probably not surprising, but your first visit will include some paperwork so we can begin an informative file on your data and needs. We like to know all the helpful information about our patients so we can provide them the best possible care.
  • Friendly Assistants & Hygienists: Throughout your visit, you’ll be assisted by a member of our support team. Our dental assistants and dental hygienists are friendly and knowledgeable. They are available through the duration of your visit to answer questions, give you directions, and grab anything you need to be comfortable.
  • Comfort: Fort Union Family Dental is committed to your comfort. We feature comfortable dental chairs, modern and minimally invasive procedures, a variety of options for pain and anxiety relief, and a gentle touch.
  • Communication: Our dentists and assistants maintain high levels of communication throughout your visit, so they’ll ask you questions about your dental history, ask about any pain or concerns, and tell you exactly what they are doing each step of the way. If there are options, our staff will explain every choice to you and allow you to make a decision before we proceed.
  • Cleaning: Unless you are coming in for a specific procedure, most first visits are dental cleanings, at which we excel. For a dental cleaning, your hygienist will scrape built up tartar from your teeth and remove any lingering food. You will be thoroughly flossed, and then brushed with our quality paste for maximum clean.
  • Complimentary Tools: We send our patients home with a new toothbrush of their choice, floss, toothpaste, and mouthwash if they choose. Junior patients can be rewarded with prizes for having no cavities and for great participation in their cleaning. We like to create positive experiences with the dental office so our patients love to come back.

If you’re looking for a new dental office, come see Fort Union Family Dental for a fun, effective, friendly dental visit and superior oral care.