Why Being a “People Person” is So Important

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We often hear this phrase being used negatively: “He’s not a people person.” Or to list qualifications for a job: “Looking for a people person.” But we don’t talk enough about what it means to be a people person, and why it seems to matter so much. For a dental office, being a people person is a critical part of our success, so today we’re talking about what that means for you.

A “People Person”

Essentially a “people person” is someone who relates well with others and with whom it is easy to get along. In the most casual application of the term, a people person can easily be friendly and warm to strangers. In a more professional context, a people person might mean someone who is dedicated to excellence in customer service. A people person thinks about the individual and their experience, seeking to make it as helpful and satisfying as possible.

In a professional setting, being a people person can mean quickly creating a relationship with a client, solving problems, communicating effectively, and leaving them feeling a connection. Professionally jobs require a people person to be the first point of contact – a receptionist, secretary, greeter, etc. – to make patrons feel welcome. But being a people person is far more than just a friendly and warm hello.

“People Person” Benefits

Being a “people person” is an essential quality for anyone in the workforce, because nearly every job you can find will require some level of interaction with other people. The skills of friendliness, conversation, listening, problem solving, connection, and customer satisfaction are absolutely critical for a job with customer interaction – such as dental assisting.

However, even if your job isn’t customer-focused, being a “people person” will pay off. The “people person” skills make you the person to ask on the crew. You will easily make friends at work and establish good relationships with bosses and other superiors. If a raise or promotion comes down to a “people person” and an equally skilled worker who isn’t as friendly or personable, of course the “people person” wins out! A people person will also be a favorite amongst clients or customers, increasing ratings or sales if that applies to the job.

At Fort Union Family Dental, we are “people person” people. We are completely oriented toward you and your needs, making your dental appointment satisfying and comfortable. We’re here for you – you are our “people!”