Why You Should Invest in a Tongue Scraper

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Bringing up oral health to most people and they will probably think about care for their teeth and gums. It is less likely a person will consider the tongue. And yet the tongue is one of the most essential structures in the human body.

Oral hygiene has come a long way in the last decades. With advancements, research, and technology more healthcare professionals are coming to understand and recognize the functions of microbiota in the mouth. It can influence oral health as well as overall health and wellbeing.

The healthier you tongue, the healthier your mouth and body. That is where the tongue scraper comes in.


What is a Tongue Scraper?

While it may seem like a modern oral hygiene product, tongue scrapers actually trace back to ancient India, Africa, and South America. Just as it sounds, a tongue scraper is a tool a patient can use to remove food particles, bacteria, and dead cells that can build up on the tongue. They vary in shape and sizes. They have handles and a rough or rigid surface for scraping along the surface of the tongue. Most tongue scrapers are made of metal, plastic, and silicon.


Benefits of Using a Tongue Scraper

Some of the benefits of using a tongue scraper every day include:


Fresher Breath

Chronic bad breath can be terrible, embarrassing, and have a negative impact on a patient’s life. Most bad breath stems from bacteria trapped in the cracks and crevices on the back of the tongue. With regular use of a tongue scraper, patients can remove malodorous bacteria. This can significantly reduce bad breath.


More Responsive Taste Buds

Buildup on the surface of the tongue can also block taste buds. Patients may not be able to recognize certain tastes. Tongue scrapers can clear the pores on the tongue and allow patients to experience the greater enjoyment of different flavors.


Improved Digestion

Taste is linked to digestion. And many studies have proven that the better a person tastes, the healthier his or her digestive system will be.


Preventing the Resorption or Toxins

When a person sleeps the digestion system still works to remove toxins from the body. But saliva production slows down and a film develops on the surface of the tongue. The film might be thin and clear, or it might develop into a thick white, yellow, or brown. It contains certain levels of toxins and bacteria that get reabsorbed if not cleaned away. This is why dentists recommend patients brush, floss, and use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning.


Better Oral Health

Patients should use a tongue scraper in tandem with routine brushing and flossing every day. With the removal of bacteria and food particles, patients can reduce their risk of dental plaque, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.


Patients who want better oral health should make tongue scraping part of their daily hygiene routine. If you’re interested in other ideas for freshening your breath, click here. Not sure what products to use or how to use them? Contact us to learn more about tongue scrapers and how to maintain a healthier smile.